Technological Innovation

TSI is a global company specializing in mixing systems based on unrivaled technology.

The following are TSI’s technological innovations.

DTCDispersion Technology Center

A separate, independent space specializing in customer testing

  • PD mixer, Corona Mixer, continuous mixer, etc. available
  • T-Cube (analysis room) has PSA, Rheometer, Viscometer, solid content measuring instrument, etc.
  • Slurry or other mixing test results can be measured through T-Cube's measuring instrument

Development of continuous mixing system

Development of a continuous mixing system using extruder in 2021

  • Reduced investment costs when introduced as a continuous mixer
  • Space minimization and high solids mixing possible

Development of PD mixer 4600L

Completed development of the world's largest PD mixer for lithium-ion secondary batteries

  • Completed assembly and TEST
  • Divided into a total of 16, including Dimension, Design Capa. , Nominal Capa.

Development of mixers for all-solid-state batteries and dry electrodes

Development of powder mixers and auxiliary equipment for all-solid-state batteries and dry electrodes in collaboration with domestic and foreign battery manufacturers

  • Extruder, High speed mixer, Closed Planetary Mixer, etc.
  • Delivering Lab, powder mixing equipment for pilot line