Research Center

TSI is a global company specializing in mixing systems based on unrivaled technology.

Institute of Technology

  • TSI Institute of Technology is developing technology to overcome technological limitations and improve customer value.
  • We develop a highly efficient mixing system to improve customer value. (highly efficient mixing system)
  • We develop customer-tailored technology with our abundant know-how and local customer-tailored design (customer-tailored facilities and design).
  • We will contribute to carbon neutrality by developing eco-friendly, future-oriented energy technologies (eco-friendly, energy saving).

Research Center Director Ha Jae-sang

Global No.1 “By developing technology that confronts limitations, we try to take the
lead in innovating the company’s value through the wider market.”

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the existing business, we will continue to challenge ourselves to expand the market and maintain the No. 1 company through the development of equipment technology with New Concept, and plan to devote ourselves to research and development of core battery materials and equipment to secure future growth engines.