Job Description

TSI is looking for talented people to share its future.

We introduce the duties of each
department that will be responsible for TSI’s future.

  • Institute of Technology Technical R&D Center
    • Development of technology to improve customer value by preoccupying battery technology trends
    • Discovery of future growth engines by developing core post-battery materials and facilities
  • Sales PM Headquarters Sales PM HQ
    • Project estimates and contracts, sales budgeting and money collecting
    • customer response and internal management for project execution
  • Technology Division Technology HQ
    • Mechanical design of powder equipment and mixing equipment
      integrated design of mixing system process and 3D piping
  • Production HQ Production HQ
    • Productivity is improved through smooth rotation of production, assembly, and logistics systems centered on mixing and powder equipment production planning and production process management.
  • Installation HQ Installation HQ
    • Domestic/overseas sites with optimized installation technology accumulated over many years Mixing system setup and project site management
  • Quality Division Quality HQ
    • Quality control and quality assurance of production equipment and service activities for customer satisfaction
  • Management Support Division Management Support HQ
    • Securing and procuring funds and operating management to increase sales and improve operating profits
    • Contributing to performance creation by increasing organizational, human, institutional, and cultural competitiveness based on the company's vision and management strategy
  • Financial Management Division Financial Management
    • Management of company goals through accurate financial information
    • Management of computer system security and operational stability
  • General Safety Affairs Headquarters Safety & General Affairs HQ
    • Company-wide general affairs / environment / safety / health / facility management
    • Management of work environment to maintain safety and health and smoothly operate and develop production activities
  • Strategic Purchasing Division Purchasing HQ
    • Identifying and managing partners necessary for projects and purchasing and procuring products
    • Confirming and executing the project budget
  • Planning Headquarters Planning Headquarters
    • Discovering process innovation and innovation tasks through active communication with field work
    • Inspiring insight into management issues through various reports to management