Secondary battery mixing process

TSI is a global company specializing in mixing systems based on unrivaled technology.

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    Electrode process

    This is a battery electrode manufacturing process. After mixing battery materials, each slurry is coated on foil, roll pressed flat, and the electrodes are cut.

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    Assembly process

    Wind (pouch type) or stack the battery material (cylindrical/square), place it in the case, and inject electrolyte

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    Activation process

    Give electrical characteristics through battery charging/discharging, and sort defective products after removing the gas generated inside.

Mixing equipment manufacturing process

Process of supplying powder (active materials, etc.) to the mixer Pre-dispersion process that mixes binders or conductive materials in advance before putting them into the main mixer for mixing efficiency Process of producing slurry through final mixing of active materials, conductive materials, binders, etc. using the main mixer Process of storing the produced slurry and transferring it to the coating process, the next process.