Messages from CEO

TSI is a place where creativity and technology meet in the mixing field.

Hello? This is TSI CEO Pyo In-sik. TSI is a company
specializing in mixing system established in 1996 under the motto,
“Let’s lead the future through inspiration
beyond technology in the mixing field.”

In the mixing field alone, we have found and developed technologies and products that meet customer needs over a long period of time.
We have grown by not only providing technological products to our customers, but also prioritizing on-site customer service such as prompt response through accurate cause analysis.

This growth was achieved based on venture investment-based talent recruitment,
technology development, and business facility expansion strategies.
As a result, we achieved the feat of securing not only three domestic global secondary battery manufacturers, but also companies in the United States, China, Europe, and Japan as customers. We will not rest on our achievements so far.

We will do our best to change the world with a challenging attitude, impress our customers through passion, and achieve sustainable growth based on a happy corporate culture.
We will strive to share the results achieved through that promise with stakeholders, including executives and employees, customers, partners, and investors. We hope that you will continue to grow with TSI. Thank you!